Muslim says “I am supreme”
While Jew says “My status is higher than Muslim”
On the other hand Christian says “I am superior to both because
I am a follower of son of God (Jesus)”
But Gohar Shahi Says!
“He is the best and the most elevated whose heart is filled with
love of God even if he is not in any religion”
Verbally remembering God and performing prayers is evidence
of his compliance and submission, whereas remembrance with heart
is conduit to Love of God and is a way of getting close to Him.

His Holiness Baba Gohar Shahi in his book Deen e Elahi
has revealed the ancient spiritual knowledge about
the inner self, hidden shakties present in every person.
He disclosed the way to approach God and also
bestowed a recipe to enter into love of God. HH Baba
Gohar Shahi says about this book as “This book is
worth deep consideration and research for the followers
of all the religions and sects and is a challenge those
who deny spiritualism.

More Information

Introduction of HH Baba Gohar Shahi

His Highness Baba Gohar shahi was born in 1941 at Gojarkhan a small town of province Punjab, Pakistan. He was inclined towards spiritualism since childhood. Fazal Hussain Goharshahi, his father, says that during stay in Delhi whenever he lost in his childhood we found him at shrine of saint Nizamuddin Aulia, Delhi, India. H H Baba Goharshahi given up social life to find God and went to Jungles, mountains for obtaining purification through meditation and intensive worship stretched over years. He came back to the people when ordered by God to do so. He brought millions of hearts closer to God. H H Goharshahi imparts the knowledge of love of God which is advised and indicated in all the religions. He induced the people towards Love of God. Followers of every religion invited him in mosques, temples, Gurdwaras and churches to deliver spiritual sermons and obtained remedy for their hearts. Innumerable persons got enlightenment and given up the sinful life. This is still going on. Millions of non-Muslims including Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Jews, remaining in their own religion, entered into Love of God through spiritual knowledge advised by H H Baba Gohar shahi. They like to display photos of Baba Goharshahi among pictures of their religious personalities. Then God revealed his image on moon. His picture emerged in Sun, Shivling, Mars and Nebula. Every one in the public may notice and verify these images. Due to this phenomenon his followers think him Imam Mehdi, Kalki Avtar or saviour. His Holiness Baba Gohar Shahi met Jesus physically in a hotel in Taos, New Mexico in 1997. In this meeting Jesus told HH Goharshahi that both of them have the same mission, to disseminate Love of God. They both have the same objective and will be together soon. His Holiness Gohar shahi says:" Love of God is above religions. This love is essence of all the religions. If you are in quest of God then learn spirituality to have right path to approach God."